Excellent opportunity to match your frequency with your heart’s wavelength. Explore your creativity and take you passion to next level. What could be better than channelizing your energies with a musical bliss. Buy some time for yourself. Explore your passion, awake the child within you, re-energise yourself with divinity of music. Meet a new you this season @ Taragn Global School Arts and Creative Skills

Tarang Global brings a fun filled tailored CRASH COURSE to suite your time and explore the possibilities in the world of Music Production and Sound Engineering.

  • Quick introduction to Music Production in 10 classes.
  • Start your journey to become a sound engineer or music producer or a musician.
  • Learn Basics of Sound Recording, Mixing and Equalisation of music tracks
  • Develop Music Listening skills and explore many other exciting secrets of music production world.
  • Get your hands on state of the art equipment in our LAB and recording Studio
  • Become part of live recording sessions, the list is endless and we have experts to take you through this experience.
September 22, 2018
Category: Tarang News