Music and Video Production

Sound production is often the less heard of and underrated parts of the music industry, but in fact sound production is a more than Integral part of the music business.We as a studio want to make sure that the mixes and songs produced by our clients are technically genius and artistically diverse. Unlike many other studios we prefer not to be limited by a genre or a certain kind of music. We appreciate creativity and uniqueness. We make sure that our clients get personal attention too, that’s why we do not bind ourselves with time during interaction and setup exercises. We tend to the needs and doubts of the clients personally, making sure that they get what they pay for.
The Studio is managed and run by our mentor and chief music producer Vishal Thapa. Vishal has a rich experience of 20 years training people in Music Production. He is also a Guitar maestro with a unique Music listening skill. We at Sound Garden recording studio are music passionate who speak, think, live & breathe music 24/7, 365 days. The unique facility of having a music school in same premises is an added advantage for people who what to groom their music skills. In addition this gives and opportunity of availability of musicians and instrument players then and there. We support artists and aspirants in writing, improvising, composing, building story around videography and all that at affordable price under same roof.
We have state of the art audio interfaces, recording rooms, microphones, monitor speakers and many other analogue and digital equipment that ensure that our students can work in a professional studio environment.
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  • System: Apple / Windows
  • Audio Interface: PreSonusAudioBox 1818VSL, Avid Elven Rack
  • Studio Monitors: Yamaha HS Series, KRK Rokit 5s,
  • Ableton Controller: AKAI APC40 MK2
  • Analog Audio Mixer 16 Channel: Yamaha MG16XU
  • DJ Console: Hercules Professional
  • Video Equipment: Canon 6D Mark II, Studio Lights
  • Headphones: BeyerDynamics, Sennheiser
  • Microphones: Rode NT2A, MXL, Shure SM58, SM57, Samson Pensile Condensers, Lapel Mikes
  • Software DAW: LogicProX, Cubase, Pro tools, FL Studio, Abelton, Premiere Pro CC
  • Plugins: IKE Multimedia, Waves, Slate, Melodyne.
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    Tarang Global School of Arts and Creative Skills - Music Production Studio and Academy - New Delhi