Summer Bonanza!!! After a hectic schedule of pre vacation academics finally  Schools are off and kids are happier and full of energy. What could be better than channelizing their energies with a musical bliss. Kids would love to play with friends, watch TV, spend time with video games, of course they will also do their home works and spend a little time in studies too but after doing all that there is and yet so much time to kill. Summer camps are best opportunities to make full use of this time and also make it Fantabulous for the kids.

This is an excellent opportunity for parents as well to buy some time for themselves. Explore your passion, awake the child within you, re-energise yourself with divinity of music. Meet a new you this summer with lots of opportunities for yourself @ Taragn Global School of Music to indulge yourself in Dance and Music.

Tarang Global brings a fun filled  summer camp tailored to suite your needs.

  1. Engage your wards in music, Dance, Arts and Craft.
  2. Put them through on a journey to become a sound engineer or music producer or a musician.
  3. Opportunity for you to move your body on rhythm of Bollywood songs.
  4. Crash course on Electronic music production with an established music producer.