Tarang Global is organising a workshop on Introduction to “Music Production” in Dwarka. This unique workshop of its king for the first time in Dwarka.

When we listen a good piece of Music we appreciate the creativity but we do not often realise how much effort might have been put to make each part of it to sound so vivid. This workshop is to provide an insight into how the technical aspects of the Music Industry work.

You will work along side experts on their ongoing projects for music production, song writing, sound Engineers, Song recording and much more to learn. few things as below:

  1. The Basics of Audio
  2. Music Listening Skills
  3. Studio Live Etiquette
  4. Recording and Mixing a Band,
  5. Introduction to Digital Audio Workstations like Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Cubase
  6. Session on setting up studio, Talk-back and Headphone for recording session
  7. EQ and Effect

So why wait, pickup phone to know more about this. Call us @ 9582226359 and 8510066362 or mail us on admin@tarangonline.in

Happy Learning …

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