Geeta Sharma

Managing Director @ Tarang Global

Experience Management: 25 years
Education: Graduate in Arts, Specialisation in Human Resource Management
Experience Music Institute: 6 years

What do they Say…

”Music in today’s world is more than a profession or a hobby, music is one of the easiest form of meditation for today’s busy world which is full of reasons to be stressful. If music and dance are not only a way to relaxation but also a comfortable route to fitness. Another good thing about music is that there are no physiological boundaries, it triggers almost same chemical reactions when some one experience music they love irrespective of who they are.”

Who they are…

Our Director and Mentor Geeta Sharma is a music passionate with excellent administrative skills. Geeta Sharma has 25 years of rich working experience with leading media house viz Jain TV and ATN, Satellite TV Consultants like Zamana Consultants, Content Development like Compare Info base who developed Maps Of India a leading Geo Info website. Her professional qualifications includes specialisation in Human Resource Management.

After heading a franchise of Amrapaali Kalapeeth, a School of Performing Arts, for 3 years, she finally ventured in her own enterprise in 2015 in the name of “Tarang Global”.