Sanjeev Sharma

Executive Director @ Tarang Global

Experience Management: 25 years
Education: Graduate in Computer Engineering, Post Graduate in International Business management
Experience Music Institute: 6 years
Music Instruments: Flute, Harmonica, Harmonium, Digital Keyboard

What do they Say…

”Music is my first love. First instrument that I played in my life was Bigul when I was just 7. Slowly wind instruments caught my attention and by the time I was 10, I started playing on Flute. Somewhere deep in my heart I wanted to become a musician but family priorities and environment drove me towards academics and I become engineer. One can read that I am starting to live my dreams now in mid-forties.”

Who they are…

Our Mentor Sanjeev Sharma is a technology expert, Computer engineer by profession, Manager by experience and a music passionate at heart. He has a rich experience of more than 25 years of working in telecommunication domain with various Indian and Multi-national Telecom giants like Airtel, Tata, Spectranet and Colt Telecom.

Despite his corporate career, he is one of those whose life revolves around music can be seen playing a Flute, Harmonica (Mouth Organ), piano or Violin in mood, through which he fulfills his dream of getting connected to music in some or the other form. Being a part of a renowned brand of Tarang Global this music freaks is famous for devoting his time, energy and resources for his passion.