Vijay Pal

Genre : Indian Classical, Contemporary
Experience Teaching : 14
Experience Playing : 20 years
Instruments :  Digital Keyboard, Grand Piano, Harmonium
Center : Delhi

What do they Say…

”Once my parents told me that if you want to learn music then you have to put in tireless days and nights such that you leave no stone unturned to bring music on your finger tips. Today I can proudly say that I have music not only on my fingertips but in each cell of my body. I am music and music is me, we both complement each other in my little fulfilled and fun filled world.”

Who they are…

Vijay Pal is a passionate music lover and a guru. He is an excellent vocalist along with a brilliant keyboard player. He has magical fingers with music flowing from each finger. If there is one who has music on his fingertips then he is the one with those charismatic fingers.

Vijay completed his Graduation from Delhi University. He is a trained piano artist with Grades in western music from Rock and Pop School of London in Keyboard and Indian Classical from Prayag Sangeet Samity. He started his career as a trainer in 2003. He is a disciple of Shri Rajesh Negi ji.

Proud and avid keyboard player also involved in Music Composition and Music Recording. Known figure in music industry, hugely involved in stage shows.