Vishal Thapa

Genre : Indian Classical
Experience Teaching : 15
Field of Expertise : Music producer / Sound Engineer / Audio Recording Instructor
Center :  Delhi

What do they Say…

“I’ve been obsessed with music since I was a child, and there’s nothing more gratifying than teaching others with the same obsession… I see my younger self in my students everyday”

Who they are…

Sound Engineer and Music Production mentor among others, Vishal Thapa brings a lifelong love of music and a wealth of experience to his role at Tarang Global school of Arts and performance. From an early age, Vishal started playing around with whatever microphones, tape recorders and musical gadgets he could find. By the time he was in high school, he was playing guitar and making trips to studios to have his band recorded. There, he realized this interest and passion for Audio production.

A native of Shillong, Meghalaya, Vishal moved to New Delhi in 2010 and was soon free-lance as a Musician in and around Delhi. He completed his Recording and Music Production program in 2014 from Sri Aurobindo Center of Arts and Communication (New Delhi) with top honors and honed his skills and gained knowledge. Vishal’s freelance recordings were pushed to the next level and eventually, he was able to recognize his true calling.

Vishal’s many years working as a Guitarist in both touring and studio settings, sparked his interest in audio. His experience as a musician has given him invaluable insight into the perspective of how artists experience audio production environments. As an audio engineer, Vishal has worked as a live sound engineer where he’s mixed live bands, worked with public speakers and recorded the services.

Besides his instructor duties at TGSAP, Vishal spends his time working on independent projects. He shares his insight into that world teaching audio post production and continues to write, play, record and mix music.