Guitar lessons

If you want to music to be your livelihood then Play Play and Play !!!!! Eventually you will get there, where you always wanted to be. Learning to play guitar is the easiest when you have an amazing tutor. Tarang has made online and offline guitar teaching a beautiful possibility for everyone. Whether you are turning your guitar , learning ...

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Fundamental of Music engineering

The basics of audio are fundamental principles of what makes up sound and it disperse in space. Sound engineering is study of music, movies, theatre, mixing and recording. The field in itself is very challenging but at the same time rewarding as well., By understanding some basic principles you can expert in sound engineering. Most of the ...

May 12, 2018 | Old News

Summer Camp 2018 @ Tarang Global School of Music

Summer Bonanza!!! After a hectic schedule of pre vacation academics finally  Schools are off and kids are happier and full of energy. What could be better than channelizing their energies with a musical bliss. Kids would love to play with friends, watch TV, spend time with video games, of course they will also do their home works and spen ...

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